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How can we make it easy

If you want to find your dream home in Greece, EcoExpert team is here for you. We will help you find it and then we work with you until the …

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Special mechanism

Chose us because we have the mechanism to provide you the home/building/office for your own needs, taste or era in a wide geographic location. Until now we have been the …

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Innovative working spirit

Our innovative spirit comes from our direct and immediate ability to contact you at any time through online means. By this way of communication we are at a point of  …

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A Few More Info

USEFUL INFORMATION: Here are some examples of the documents required for the issuance of a residence permit and the opening of an account by a foreign national in Greece: • …

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Property listing

Είμαστε εδώ να ακούσουμε της ανάγκες σας και να σας βοηθήσουμε να βρείτε το σπίτι τον ονείρων  σας μέσω της ιστιοσελίδα μας με μια πλήρη γκάμα σπιτιών να καλύψει της …

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Get your residency permit

You have found the ideal partner to obtain a residencial permit for five years in Greece and which gives you free travel within the Shengen countries with all legal documents. …

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